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Features: directly pour and use, the amount of pour is adjustable & quantitative:

Applications: laundry detergent, liquid cleanser, disinfectants; cooking oil, liquid condiments, agent medicines, etc.

Pouring quantity: adjustable in 3 levels , 5~20±10% ML /T,15~60±15% ML/T

Adjustable levels: 2~4 levels can be set as needed

Leakage Test: No leakage under vacuum -0.06MPa within 5 minutes.



Adjustable levels: 3 quantitative levels and 1 uncertain level (use with the graduated cup cover on the pourer)

Pouring quantity: level 1_20g/T,level 2_40g/T,level 3_60g/T (the specific pouring amount is related to the liquid viscosity, and can be customized as needed)

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