The total amount of "industrial hot" is 4.6 billion yuan.

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(Summary description)With the strengthening of the real economy as the strategic support, zhuhai has been actively engaged in the "breakout battle" of economic development. Among them, 34 listed pearl enterprises also

The total amount of "industrial hot" is 4.6 billion yuan.

(Summary description)With the strengthening of the real economy as the strategic support, zhuhai has been actively engaged in the "breakout battle" of economic development. Among them, 34 listed pearl enterprises also

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With the strengthening of the real economy as the strategic support, zhuhai has been actively engaged in the "breakout battle" of economic development. Among them, 34 listed pearl enterprises also frequently.  

Reporters combing zhuhai trends found that listed companies close to a year in terms of optimizing the allocation of resources, acute sense and a number of companies have movement, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and a series of capital operation, the booster iterative structure upgrade and industry.

The reporter understands, in general, the listed bead mills to raise funds in the field of real investment expansion opportunities are limited, but has been more and more enterprises in the investment projects on the real economy gradually. In addition, some enterprises take a different approach to support the development of the real economy by giving full play to the advantages of industrial investment funds.

Nanfang daily reporter shen mengyi.

Investment and mergers and acquisitions enterprises "go out" strong chain.

M&a is an important means of capital operation. The acquisition of the listed pearl enterprises in the year, the destination from overseas to the domestic regions, the area is dominated by the high-tech industry.

The most eye-catching scene at the end: na sida shares (formerly known as "Mr. Parker") and Pacific alliance and jun lian capital acquisition lexmark international success, complete printing industry's largest transnational mergers and acquisitions.

This acquisition for na sida is the key to enter the high-end printer market, the company chairman secretary Zhang Jianzhou tells a reporter, at present, the integration of related business line is orderly, in product production, sales channels, cost control, etc will produce synergistic effect.

And in order to further integration of industry resources, in April this year, na sida announced it would buy in zhuhai xin wei technology co., LTD., zhuhai embellish jing jie printing technology co., LTD., zhuhai billiton technology co., LTD. Three companies, continue to focus on integrated circuit (chip) and printer of the whole industry chain business.

More mergers and acquisitions are taking place at home.

In may, yuanguang software announced the acquisition of 67 percent of hangzhou hao mei technology co., LTD., and added capital to hangzhou hao mei.

"Mark company customer resources and high matching, and the years deep distribution network production informatization and its business resources and technical accumulation with the company's strategic development direction in the field of electric power production has strong complementary to each other." In software, according to the smooth implementation of the investment, will further broaden the company's business, the company's overall competitiveness and profitability, open a new field for the company in the distribution network informatization and intelligent development space, enhance the company's comprehensive strength, be helpful for the long-term development of the company.

This year's action is also notable for the biosphere layout of the biosphere. According to the announcement, the company intends to purchase 40 per cent of the shares and 60 per cent of changzhou huayue through non-public offering, and acquire wuhan corridy and guangzhou yili through its own funds.

It is understood that the first three target company is mainly engaged in hemodialysis related equipment and the product research and development, production and sales, guangzhou yi, is a company specializing in the production of water treatment equipment, enterprises are in the industry with high competitiveness.

"Company in the country, including the northeast, north China, south China, east China and central China region through epitaxial acquisition of self-built model for hemodialysis and consumables and hemodialysis equipment production base, break the regional restrictions, to reduce costs." "Said Paulette.

As a strong opponent of paulet, the deep ploughing in the field of blood purification is not a sign of weakness. In June, jianfan bio announced a cash purchase of 95 percent of tianjin standard biological agents.

According to the introduction, standard biological main dialysis powder products are mainly used in the field of uremia. "In this area, the target customer group of the company and the target company is overlapping, which can better play the synergistic effect of the industry. After the completion of the acquisition, the company can quickly enter the north China region and form the industrial layout of south China, central China and north China.

The total amount of direct financing for the first half of the transfusion was 4.6 billion yuan.

As of the end of June, zhuhai enterprises directly raised 4.6 billion yuan through equity refinancing and corporate bond financing, according to statistics from the zhuhai financial bureau.

In the first half of the light of the involved in library science and technology as an example, which is located in the high-tech zone of enterprises due to the need of high growth, be badly in need of money to expand fiber laser device capacity, construction of research and development center, added liquidity. In March 2017, the company issued 22 million shares in the a-share market, raising a net capital of 220 million yuan to solve the capital requirements, while the financing cost was almost zero.

Represented by light library technology science and technology innovation of enterprises is to make full use of the direct financing function of the capital market, to the real economy fast fierce blood transfusions, for their own innovation and development to provide long-term security and low cost capital.

In September last year, lizhu group raised a net capital of 145.8 billion yuan from non-public offerings. According to the latest changes to the use of funds, the 450 million yuan will be used for ai oprah azole series of innovative products depth development and industrial upgrade, 143 million yuan to be new beijiang river pharmaceutical group co., LTD. Move the expansion project (phase I), 053 million yuan to be group and pharmaceutical infusion bags workshop technological upgrading projects, 411 million yuan for long-term microsphere technology r&d platform construction project, will greatly increase the company's core competitiveness and anti-risk ability.

At the end of last month, a number of listed companies signed the contract. With the coming of this big wave project, the proportion of direct financing of listed enterprises is expected to increase further, and its radiation force to zhuhai's real economy will be further strengthened.

There, na sida sida shares in xiangzhou district has injected construction headquarters and information technology institute, its parent company Seine will invest in the construction of science and technology has a printer industrial park, will make the international office equipment research and manufacturing base.

The two subsidiaries of gree electric appliances will respectively build the electronic core components project and the gree large gold mold r&d and production base. In addition, the pit construction of geographic information industry base in zhuhai, kin biological will sail sail blood dialyzer production base construction health, force or shares is planning to investing in hi-tech incubation park.

The financial living water investment fund supports the real economy development.

In active entity projects at the same time, some listed companies began to actively participate in fund, set up industry around their industry chain layout, in the form of equity investment, support the development of the real economy.

In may this year, yuanguang software reviewed the relevant proposals and agreed to invest in the establishment of the yuanguang block chain industry fund. The fund has a scale of rmb200 million and mainly invests in block chain related projects.

As the next generation of global credit certification and one of the basis of the value of Internet protocol, block chain will become the "Internet" time powerful driving force in the transformation of traditional industries, is regarded as the most potential disruptive revolution triggered the fifth round of the core technology.

Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance supervisor, senior vice President in the Li Meiping said that in the software understands the power of emerging technologies, attention to block for each industry chain technology brings the value of the tissue block chain research team and set up a laboratory, has made some breakthrough, declare the invention patent, three block chain for the application of block chain technology popularization, the promotion made active efforts.

Dietary supplements leading brand tomson times health was announced in January this year, the wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong hk rui decided to use its own funds to participate in the investment $5 million brcinnovation lp (hereinafter referred to as "the BRC fund"), as its limited partners.

It is understood that the BRC fund investments include precision medical treatment, medical health, cloud computing, big data, enterprise applications, mobile Internet, robot, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, financial technology, etc.

Announcement, the company to participate in the investment fund of the BRC, will with the help of a professional experience and resources with partners, digital health care for the U.S. market, invest in precision medical related technical field, investment direction including medical health, based on large data of deep learning, etc. Through cooperation and give full play to their respective advantages to expand the company's investment ability, to better grasp the development opportunity big health industry, at the same time by the investment of high growth potential project quality, achieve a better return on investment.

The company's main chemical warehousing business is also active in the transformation of the big health industry.

At present, Henderson has participated in the establishment of a large health industry merger and acquisition investment fund through the participation of hengjiaxing, a subsidiary of its subsidiary. Industry mergers and acquisitions fund scale of 150 million yuan, making the first phase has been completed industrial and commercial registration and obtain a business license, and the association of securities investment fund industry in China has been finished funds put on record formalities.

In addition, this year, quanzhi technology also announced that it will participate in the establishment of an industrial investment fund named shenzhen qianhai yixin investment partnership and shenzhen anchuang technology equity investment partnership. According to the announcement, the main investment directions of the two funds are the high-quality companies and smart systems and Internet related industries related to the integrated circuit field respectively.

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